luciana zarate
full name luciana noa zarate birthdate july 25th, 1992 place of birth colombia current residence Los Angeles occupation musician / actress relationship status got a lotta people tryna drain me of my energy personality enfp / leo
We're surrounded by candles, incense and some kind of Tibetan Monk soundtrack in Luciana Zarate's Los Angeles home. "It helps me to stay zen," she remarks before confirming that is indeed chanting Tibetan Monks we're listening to. "It's three hours long, but don't worry, I won't make you listen to all of it." She's been sending up the charts with remarkable pop torch songs for the past six months: "Good for You," "Same Old Love," "Hands to Myself." Zarate, 23, has been working since her preteen days, landing a role on Barney & Friends in 2002, and making her first album at 15, when a Disney star. But it was only on 2015's Revival that she found her voice, starting with "Good for You," where she leaves her "dress a mess" on the floor and steps into the adult world. "I finally felt like I could be myself," she says. "Disney has always been a blessing, but also a bit of a curse. I'm glad I was able to experience everything I did, but I was ready to shed my skin and move onto the next phase of my life."

I know you're from around here, but have you always lived in Los Angeles?

No, not always. We moved here from Colombia when I was a baby. So, while I wasn't born here, I do consider it my home. We're a tight knit family. My parents, sister and I all live within a few miles from each other. If they suddenly left L.A., it wouldn't be called home anymore. They're my home.

Your first acting gig was on the PBS show, Barney & Friends...

Yeah. Are we really gonna do this? I was hoping to talk about stuff I've done in this decade. Do you want Barney's number?

We don't have to.

No, it's funny. People are just really hung up on my purple dinosaur days. The weirdest part of it was having a job at eight years old. I wasn't even allowed to have a dog then. But I was able to have a career!

Revival is your fifth album, but for a lot of people it might feel like your first. How is it different this time?

With the last album, I was still finding myself. There were a lot of hands in the pot, contributing, trying new sounds out. Because, you know, while I had experience with recording, it was my first time doing it as a solo artist. And it was difficult, it's tough trying to find your footing. But I think we got it right with Revival.

You've said that songs like "Same Old Love" aren't always about a specific relationship, but you must know people are going to assume they are.

People are going to assume a lot of things. It used to bother me. I'd lay awake in bed, worried about how something I posted on Instagram was going to be spun in the next day's headlines. But, I'm trying to move away from that. All I can do is be honest with myself and live life how I want to, not how others think I should.

You have a cameo in Adam McKay’s new movie, The Big Short, helping to explain collateralized debt obligations. When you got offered that part, were you like, "The guy who made Anchorman wants me to talk about what?"

Yeah! Once I finished googling collateralized debt obligations, I thought "why me? Is this a cruel joke?" But you don't say no to Adam. He's a genius. Step Brothers is comedic gold.

You're featured alongside economist Richard Thaler. Did you ever think to yourself, "Christian Bale, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling are in this movie – why am I filming a scene with a 70-year-old professor?"

I was only slightly disappointed because I thought this was my chance to fulfill my destiny of solidifying myself as Ryan Gosling's love interest, and since he's already got one in real life, I was willing to settle for on screen. No, no, don't print that!

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facts • odd numbers make her nervous.

• has a slight temper, known for mouthing off during interviews or cutting them short because something has rubbed her the wrong way.

• rarely goes anywhere without her dog poppy.